Back & Neck Pain

Osteopathy for Back & Neck Pain

_DM38622Effectively treating back and neck pain is one of the areas for which Osteopaths are best known.

In fact, it’s the most common reason why people of all ages come to see us here at North Beds Osteopaths.

Many of us suffer back and neck pain from time to time but when it starts to affect your work or home life, how often do you just wait for it to go away, or simply believe that nothing can be done?

Unfortunately, chronic or ongoing back and neck pain doesn’t usually go away on its own. More than two-thirds of the UK population has suffered from discomfort in either their neck or back at some time or another, and back pain is the single biggest cause of time off work. So having it treated makes perfect sense.

Effectively treating back and neck pain is one of the areas for which Osteopaths are best known. The good news is that there’s usually a lot we can do to help you – and improve your quality of life – whether it’s a recent problem, or one that’s been troubling you for a while.

We don’t just focus on alleviating the symptoms either; we’ll look at the bigger picture and concentrate just as much on treating the main cause of the problem. That way, there’s less likelihood of it recurring.

Even if you’re relatively symptom-free, we can still check and treat your spine to help prevent potential problems in the future.

What does a visit involve?

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