During Pregnancy

Osteopathy During Pregnancy

We can help with the aches, pains and discomfort that pregnancy can bring.

Because of the physical changes that take place relatively quickly within pregnancy, your body experiences huge postural change. This can lead to discomfort or painful exacerbation of any pre-existing, underlying muscular or joint problems. Similarly, the effects of hormones produced during pregnancy make the joints more flexible and more prone to strain.

Osteopathic treatment can help the body to adapt to these rapid bodily changes by alleviating strain in affected areas – and help you enjoy a more symptom-free pregnancy. Many common complaints during this time, such as back and pelvic pain, can often be relieved through osteopathy.

You can consult an osteopath at any stage during pregnancy. Seeing us sooner rather than later, gives us time to treat any potential problems before your growing bump starts to exert increased pressure on your spine and affects your posture.

A post-natal check-up is beneficial too, as it helps your posture to return to normal – particularly in the physically demanding stages of early motherhood.

What does a visit involve?

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Arrange a pre or post-natal check-up

If you’re pregnant or a new mum, and are experiencing pain or discomfort, please call us on 01234 823621.

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