Sports Injuries

Osteopathy for Sports Injuries

Sports injuries come in all forms and so does the way we can treat them.

If you’ve picked up a sports injury or even have just a niggling pain or stiffness, getting it checked as soon as possible is always a good idea. To continue your training or exercise whilst carrying an injury or imbalance forces your body to overcompensate, and this leads to additional problems elsewhere. Not only that, it also means that it’ll take you longer to get back to full fitness.

_DM38706 (1)With the right treatment, we’ll help you get back to activity much more quickly than if you just waited for spontaneous recovery to occur. Many of our clients find that osteopathic treatment helps to keep them flexible and free from pulls and strains – ensuring that they perform better and can continue enjoying the activities of their choice.

What does a visit involve?

To find out more about what your visit will involve, please click here.

See how we can help

If you’re out of action due to an injury, see how we can help by calling us on 01234 823621.


“My eleven-year-old daughter has been under the wonderful care of North Beds Osteopaths for the past couple of years. She is an avid gymnast / dancer and has competed internationally – she has received invaluable treatment for injuries sustained during training and competitions. Their expertise and advice has allowed her to learn, train and compete safely.”
Dr Sarah Lloyd

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