Work-Related Pain

Osteopathy for Work-Related Pain

_DM39007 (1)Many patients come to us for osteopathy to help treat their work-related pain.

Many of us spend a significant amount of time at work, such that the nature of our various professions can eventually take its toll on our bodies. Poor posture, continual repetitive actions, heavy work or hours spent in prolonged positions all contribute to strain, especially if we’re feeling stressed.

Proactively looking after ourselves helps to keep our bodies in good working order. It enables us to be comfortable at work and remain productive – especially in those jobs such as office or manual work, driving, teaching, and hairdressing.

Osteopathic treatment will identify the underlying triggers that cause you discomfort, prevent problems from building up to the point of pain, and speed up your recovery to get you back to work more quickly.

What does a visit involve?

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